Peggy & Patina's Story

I have always had a love for flowers, but it was because of my Nanny Joan Peggy that I stumbled into a new career in floral design. When she passed away I wanted so much to give her one last gift to thank her for everything she had done for us growing up. She was one of the most amazing and inspirational women I have ever known and the reason I knew I just had to name my business after her.  It was then, when I made her farewell flowers that I realised a new passion. Flowers were my therapy and helped me through a difficult time. I loved the way they made me feel relaxed, focused and even at a sad time, I felt proud and happy to be making these beautiful parting gifts. This is where my journey began.
Flowers are present at some of the happiest and saddest times of our lives and to me they are an experience, a feeling, an emotion. I love to take people on a journey by creating unique and personal designs that tell their story.
What will your flowers say about you?